didactical suitability

La cuestión de la idoneidad de los vídeos educativos de matemáticas: una experiencia de análisis con futuros maestros de educación primaria | The issue of didactical suitability in mathematics educational videos: experience of analysis with prospective primary school teachers

The number of educational videos available on the internet on the most varied topics is rapidly increasing. These include mathematics videos that cover virtually any type of curriculum content. However, their quality as a learning resource varies …

An onto-semiotic approach to the analysis of the affective domain in mathematics education

A subject of growing interest in mathematics education is the affective domain and its effects on the teaching and learning processes, giving rise to different models of its components and conditioning factors. In this paper, we apply the ontological …

Onto-Semiotic Analysis of a Lesson on Percentages

Cítese como: Beltrán-Pellicer, P, Giacomone, B, & Godino, J. D. (2019) Ontosemiotic analysis of a lesson on percentages. INTED2019 Proceedings, pp. 1524-1533.