Technological Tools in the Training of Teachers: an Experience in the Topic of Correlation and Regression


In this paper we describe an experience aimed at training prospective high school teachers to teach correlation and regression using technology (in particular, the spreadsheet, real data and other tools available from the United Nations web server). The context where the workshop has been developed in the past three years is a Masters’ course in Mathematics Education, which is compulsory in Spain for those who want to apply for a teaching position in secondary or high school. The activity proposed served to evaluate the technological content knowledge of participants and the use of social data proved to be successful to enrich other components of prospective teachers’ knowledge. It also increased the participants’ interest towards statistics and its teaching, as well as their willingness to learn more and be better prepared to teach statistics in high school with real data and technology.

INTED2018 Proceedings (pp. 2802-2807)

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Gea, M. M., Batanero, C., Arteaga, P., & Beltrán-Pellicer, P. (2018). Technological tools in the training of teachers: an experience in the topic of correlation and regression. INTED2018 Proceedings (pp. 2802-2807). doi: 10.21125/inted.2018.0527.